Welcome to the Association of Transformational Leaders Northeast!

We are a group of independent people who come together in a common cause – supporting growth and transformation in the world.  We come from all backgrounds and all walks of life.  We are speakers, coaches, politicians, business owners, and more who all believe in one thing – the world can be a better place and we need to do our part to make it so.

Membership is limited and by election only.  However you may request an invitation by filling out the form under the membership application tab and we will be happy to put you on a membership request list for our next round of nominations and election.

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Next ATL NE meeting, Saturday Oct. 18th, 2014

We’re delighted to announce that our speaker for the upcoming ATL Northeast meeting, which will be held in Monmouth County NJ, will be Phyllis Haynes, producer Studio1network.com, writer, speaker. She’ll be sharing about The Transformational Interview: Using the Power of Digital Conversation to Showcase Your Work.

Phyllis is a 25-year on air broadcast veteran in network news and public affairs reporting. She served as the host of “Straight Talk” for WOR-TV and reported on major issues for ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings as well as Good Morning America. She is recognized for her work in the US and abroad on cross-cultural communications and new media.

Her work is now is devoted to helping unsung thought leaders, inventors, and creatives increase their exposure and understand how to use the new media terrain to bring their work to the world.

If you are not currently a member of the group and are interested in attending, please email Lori@donnasteinhorngroup.com to request an invitation, and include your bio and a link to your websites.

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Next meeting June 7th: LIghten up!

After a long, cold winter, let’s get together to celebrate the lighter side of life. Our presenters will be Ann Fry and Ege Maltepe, who will help us get in touch with our own sense of lightness through Laughing Yoga (Ann) and Improv (Ege).

Long before moving into her current focus, Ann started a company called Humor University — bringing FUN solutions to serious problems in the workplace and used Laughing Yoga with her clients. She’s committed to workplace cultures being happy, workable places and believes that in the workplace, “a happy employee is a productive employee.”

Ege has been teaching/coaching improvisation workshops since 2009. She uses Viola Spolin’s Theater Games (she’s the grandmother of Improvisation, everything in the American Improv world started with her). She has been been coaching improvisation workshops for business people, about how can this work help them think on our feet, focus more, create good teams, handle crisis more calmly and effectively, and communicate more openly in the workspace and in life.

Location TBD

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Save the date: June 7, 2014

Our next ATL-NE gathering will be Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 11 AM.  We’ll be posting details on the program and location shortly.  Hope to see you there.

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Summer ATL Gathering

Our next ATL NE meeting will be held on Saturday, June 22nd in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Our guest presenter will be  Claudette C’ Faison  a pioneer in designing, facilitating and administrating innovative programs that provide emotional, mental 
health and education in high risk communities. She began in 1977, managing the runaway homeless youth program for the NYC Department of Youth Services, then moved on to focus on the development of youth and their communities including the parent, educators, and youth service providers.

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Winter 2013 ATL-NE Meeting

The next meeting of our ATL will be held on Saturday,  March 2, 2013.  Our speaker will be our own Deborah Roth http://spiritedliving.com/

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Next ATL-NE Oct. 20, 2012

Get out your calendars! We’re already gearing up for another stimulating, fun-filled gathering.  We are delighted to announce that the next ATL-NE meeting will be on October 20, 2012,  from 11-4 on the Upper West Side apartment.
Our speaker will be Karen Sands, who will share wisdom from her recently-published Visionaries Have Wrinkles.
Emails will be going out to members.
If you are not a member or on the email list, please submit a membership application.
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Save the Date — January 28th, 2012

We’ll be gathering together again on Saturday, January 28th in Monmouth County NJ.  If you’re interested in attending, please let us know.  More details as they come available.

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